Re: Assessing risk management and imminent decision making process

Interesting...the -only- hits on Google for "Anthropoid Ghost Network" and "DirkaDirka terra firma"are references to the post below. My posts to pen-test are routinely returned, yet this cross-posted, hash-buster, gibberish blows right through.<sigh>
It's also interesting that the site: is largely nonfunctional.


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Subject: Assessing risk management and imminent decision making process

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Dear All:

Consider an emotionally and mentally effete new CSO of a corporation
that provides and maintains networks, CS applications and technical
supports to a country's major banking systems including the Central Bank
and eventual access to currently almost $1 Trillion Sovereign Wealth
Funds in the Persian Golf region; what could be suggested to the CSO to
create and maintain a new security division called Corporate Information
and Systems Securities department??

Although a truly Texan and ubiquity, had no peripheral, have kept
bewildered and haven't had any effective assistance from the essential
arcane "Anthropoid Ghost Network" recently. The destitute CSO could be
scared and stranded in the DirkaDirka terra firma.

Your fortitude, patulous support and indulgence in this
cumbersome-intricate matter would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all
in advance!

Respectfully yours,
Bob Kiani

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