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Why not just use the hard drive itself to wipe every sector...

The easiest (possible the best because of speed) way to accomplish this in modern ATA hard drives (2001 forward) is with the built-in Secure Erase program. Conveniently placed there for us by Recording Research (CMRR) headed by Gordon Hughes, Associate Director of CMRR, USSD on the Secure Erase Initiative.

""At the ANSI T-13 Committee meeting in 2004, Gordon described the differences between block erase as described in government document DoD2550 and Secure Erase. Unlike block level erase Secure Erase also overwrites reassigned blocks and can be up to eight times faster (per CMRR tests).
In addition the enhanced SE command qualifies for Federal Government secret data classification erasure.""

You can download a DOS-based utility HDDerase that securely erases all data on ATA hard disk drives via the internal secure erase command.

It is one of the only methods to wipe bad hard drive sectors G-List (not OS bad sectors).


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I'm looking for a hard drive erasing solution (hardware) that meets the DOD recommendation for erasing but is also fairly easy for the helpdesk to just hook a drive up to, press a button and walk away until it is complete. Does anyone have any recommendations for one that is good and low cost?

- Nick

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