Re: IP Spoofing/Masquarading

So can someone explain ip spoofing in the sense that a packet may be
spoofed to make it appear as if it originated from the internal lan
yet it did not. I need an explanation of how it works and how the
packet is structured.



On 9/9/09, Dan Howerton <danny.howerton@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
M.D. -

The packet wont get to the internet. The moment your ISP sees it, it will

On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 12:19 AM, M.D.Mufambisi <mufambisi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I understand that IP packets can be spoofed ie change the source
address to make it look like they originated from the internal LAN.
However, when this is done across the internet, with a private IP
address in its source field, how does this packet get routed through
the internet?

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