Re: filtering MSN traffic

On Wed, Jul 8, 2009 at 14:48, Juan B<juanbabi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I am looking for a product, I prefer open source to filer msn traffic, I just want to verify that no one of the employees can receive files trow msn from put of the lan and that links cant be sended.

any recommendations?

thanks a lot !


Msn-proxy [1] is a proxy for Unix systems, which allows message
logging, contacts control, and other useful stuff (like block file
transfers), and stores data in a SGBD (Mysql or PostgreSQL).
You can't forbid users to send links, which is a very specific need,
but you can monitor chats as well. (Anyway, it's a opensource
software, and you could modify it to do what you want.)

A negative point is that its web management interface is not so nice.
I would make my own one.

Many people I know use it, and it have been working very well for me.
I dont know any other free software for this purpose. Maybe somebody
else can tell us. =)


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