Re: Re: Allowing access to social networking... securely?

Patrick, good response. But I wonder about this..
"The OP's suggested risk vector - malware infested proxy sites isn't even
the worst one introduced. I've seen places where blocking has induced
users to use bypass mechanisms including:

- Separate dialup connections
- USB Wifi piggy-backing on nearby offices' signals
- SSH tunneling
- VPN connections out to a machine acting as a proxy (home PC for example)
- GoToMyPC or equivalent to a machine acting as a proxy"

If you have a user that will violate corporate policy by circumventing systems put in place, that is an HR issue. The examples you site, we block. We're incredibly concerned about data leakage being in the financial industry. Maybe those systems aren't needed in all forms of business.

I'm of the belief that we all choose where we work, and we all play by the rules laid out by mgmt. We can choose to play along, or not. Those measures aren't put in place to make people's work environment less fun. They're done for the well being of the company. It only takes one person to leak out sensitive data, emails, etc and create a potentially bad situation.

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