Re: Allowing access to social networking... securely?

On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 11:14, Daniel I. Didier <ddidier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am sure many of us are seeing the shift from the standpoint that
social networking (SN) is evil and should be blocked, to one that views
SN as a business tool and full of opportunity.  I believe this is true
for many organizations.  However, as many of us are aware, SN is full of
malicious code and techniques to trick users into giving away
information or attacking their system.  The questions I would like to
pose to the list are as follows:

What, if anything, should be done above and beyond standard security
controls to protect against the potential risks of allowing access to

Block flash, silverlight and javascript at the firewall. That should
take care of your problems. Heh.

If someone in authority thinks they've got a compelling business case
for allowing one or more sites, set up a PC in a DMZ and allow port
3389 from specific machines on the trusted network to it. Nothing


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