Re: Biometric Access logs

We opted to include card swipe/pin combo first and then biometric if
the first auth was successful. This took care of the auditors.

On 3/2/09, John <tornado579@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi All,

Request you to give your views on the following issue.

We have Biometric access controlled server room door for better security.
There is no doubt that Biometric proovides enhanced protection. But the
issue with this access control mechanism is that it is not possible to
review and analyze denied attempt logs since the logs only shows that
access was denied, but to whom and other details are obvisouly not shown
because only few users from IT department only have the access to the server
It is not like Swipe cards based Access control where all the employees are
registered with the access control system.
In that it becomes easily possible to trace who tried to access what and

We faced issue in the audit because of this and auditor insisted that the
review and analysis of the logs for the Biometric controlled area needs to
be done.

What can be done in this scenario like this? Please give in your comments.


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