Re: Windows Secure Build Checklist

Many thanks to all for your input and feedback on my request.
Much taken on board.

Kind regards,

2009/2/26 Shawn A. Corrello <shawnc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

It's tough to really use an "all in one" checklist for securing your own
environment's machines.

That said, using Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer to scan each new
machine and make sure that the machine is compliant with the Microsoft
security recommendations MBSA makes might be a good and easy start. MBSA
also generates easy to read (and present) security reports.

Good luck.

On Mon, 23 Feb 2009, Brian Keogh wrote:

I'm aware of various tools and peice-meal procedures regarding secure
build guidance for Windows XP/2003 Server/Desktop machines.  Can
anyone please point me in the direction of a complete checklist with
regard to securing the listed operating systems.   I'm really just
looking for a single document for someone to work from. A straight
forward checklist etc. inline with best practice.
Any help appreciated.

Best regards.
Brian Keogh
   Information Security Specialist

Best regards.
Brian Keogh
Information Security Specialist

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