Re: Code reviews

Thank you all for replying. I'm doing a lot of testing with different
tools right now.

The financial crisis is soon over / Alex

2009/2/20 Nikhil Wagholikar <visitnikhil@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi Alex,

You can refer to this whole list of Source Code Security Analyzers here:

Best of Luck!!

Nikhil Wagholikar
Practice Lead | Security Assessment & Digital Forensics
Network Intelligence (India) Pvt. Ltd. [NII Consulting]
Comprehensive Information Security Training

2009/2/18 Alex Fiuvertiz <fiuvertiz@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi there,

Are there any open source tools that are worth using when it comes to
source code reviews against .NET/C#?
Or is a commercial way the only good way?

Thanks, Alex

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