Re: security products

Juan Pablo Macias wrote:
Hi everybody.

A friend asked for my advice, so now i ask the experts. He has a
windows network with many shared excel files. Some of them have
sensitive information, information about his clients, but all of them
are required to be shared. Each share is password protected. He is
worried that, for example, one of his employees takes an important
file from the shared network and sells it.

Is there a way, in this scenario, to control who can access what? or
to avoid copying files away from the shared pc, or to allow to make
changes, but not to copy the file to another location? A possible
solution would be to password protect or encrypt the files, but i
don't think it would be be feasible it talking about some hundred
files. Is there software that already takes care or this?

In the long term, my suggestion would be to put all excel files into a
formal database and implement access control there, maybe even a web

What are your suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Juan Pablo

Hi Juan Pablo,

For what I know, if the files are in a CIFS volume, you can put permissions in each file/folder of which users/groups can access to them.