Re: Remote Access solution

Hello Simon,

there are several options I have seen in different organizations, most
of them commercial:

1) Dameware ( is a good solution, which provides
remote control of computers, and provides means for remote
installation of the agent used for client / server communications.

2) XP does have a "remote assistance" funcionality
to remotely connect to computers and support end users with this OS

3) VPN and flavors (Ultra, Tight...): basic and free solution which
requires a VNC service installed on the computer to be managed
remotely, but provides nice features as file transfer.

These three options (as well as others, such as radmin) need certain
network protocols to be allowed between the managed computerand the
support person connectin, for them to work fine (for instance, VNC
requires TCP/5800 and TCP/5900, which is very often not allowed
through firewalls).

4) Another kind of solution I particularly like do not require special
communications (firewall ports and so on), only the ability to connect
to the internet through HTTP/HTTPS: TeamViewer (
and Inquiero ( Both are
payed services.

Hope this helps you.

Kind regards,

2009/1/23 Haymi Rock <haymirock@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hello everyone,

I started working as a technical customer support for a company who
has a lot of customers in the whole world. They are using PCAnywhere
for remote access, but sometimes it doesn't work.

My question is about what is the most reliable, secure software that
can support as well "Access Invitations" (Such as Microsoft's Remote
What do big organizations use for remote access or remote management?

Your help is so much appreciated.
Best regards,