Re: Looking for a Trojan

Well there are alot different Trojans out there, most of them free to download and use... But they're all detected when you just use the public versions, you can use special software to make them undetectable by AV or edit the binary files yourself if you know how. But your explanation sounds too suspicious to provide you with more info, like, when you want to use it in a local environment how can't you know which AV is running...
Also when you have a public trojan that kills AV, the user first has to run it to make it work, and til then the AV will definetly detect it. I don't say you're safe when you use a AV, you're 100% right when you say it is possible to trick an AV. With some know-how you can even do that with subseven and backorifice but there are lots of newer apps out there.


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