Re: Remotely check login status

perhaps you could find some way to wrap some security around "finger".

or perhaps only allow finger within an area you can only get to via a
secure vpn.

you might want to google for some unix or linux man pages describing
the use of finger - it can be used remotely.

I wouldn't use finger as it was originally designed - without any
security... but I believe it does what you are looking for (in a very
unsecure way if open to the Internet)

good luck

there is a whole suite of programs that we usually "outlaw" because
they are too friendly (read: unsecure). They might be of interest to
you though. Collectively you might find them referred to as "the
Berkley "R" functions. They are very functional - but they were built
back in "simpler times" ;) without somehow mitigating the risks they
introduce, they should not be used.

On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 4:41 PM, Christian Eibl <chreibl@xxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

I was wondering, if there exist means of checking remotely whether someone
is already logged onto the system. Since most modern systems today need
users to input their authentication data instead of automatically provide
full access, there obviously are different states in the operating systems,
i.e., just completely started up or even with users active in the system.

This question does not aim at a specific OS but is meant for all systems.
The most obvious way of such checks would consist of specific network
services only started by certain users on the systems. Well, I am no
Windows geek, but I could also imagine that file or printer sharing
together with this port 139 / 445 stuff could provide information about
this, but I am not sure...

Anyone an idea how or whether this is possible? It is especially interesting
concerning privacy within networks.


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