Re: Help on truecrypt recovery

On 2008-12-26, Raj <rajshas@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On the new year note , I happend to forget my truecrypt password. I

As the man page for cryptsetup says, "mathematics can't be

I hope you had backups! Only brute force will work, and the
key space is too large for that.

Having said that, if you're the kind of person who always
chooses his passwords based on some fixed+variable part,
where the variable part is some month/day (I often see this
with systems that *force* you to change your password every
month or so, and people who deal with such systems tend to
carry that into other passwords too), then you certainly
could try brute force.

Trying brute force programmatically is doable on certain
systems; I think TC has a command line interface on Linux,
which should be amenable to a limited scripted brute
forcing. But if you're on Windows, I would have no clue how
to do that, or how to do it from C or something...