Re: hi, need help


Restore it from backup.......that could be a simple solution.

But, most of the time, as per my experience, once the hacker hacked a website they usually install some rootkit ot trojan so that they can access this system/server further for their unethical work or further hacking/penetration...
It is recommended to reinstall the whole system afresh, harden the system, install some integrity checker, antivirus s/w, hids etc and host the website....

If you have hosted using a web hosting provider then you must ask the provider to check how the system was hacked and reinstall the system afresh..

If you need further technical help or steps to recover from compromise then let me know.....


Dhiraj Mahajan wrote:
some hacker has hacked my website. (displaying hacked by turkish
hacker), now wht shld i do to retrieve my
original website. so please guide me how to get rid of tht

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