MSc in Information Security

Hi all,

Im doing some research into what to study next and was quite taken with
the Certified Ethical Hacker qualification. This I see as a way of
getting a good understanding of how attacks may be attempted against the
corporate network I am responsible for.

I mentioned this to a friend of mine and also mentioned that I would
take my CISSP at some point within the next two years. He told me he
wouldn't be renewing his CISSP the following year as there are so many
out there now it has lost some of its value. When I asked him what he
would recommend, he told me the pinnacle that I could achieve would the
MSc in Information Security from Royal Holloway University (RHU).

Im fortunate enough to live only half an hour away from RHU so am
looking at the possibilty of taking this degree as a part time student
over two years. Ive read a lot of information about the course and it
seems to be very good. What I am wondering is what sort of regard is
this sort of qualification held in in the industry? Ultimately I want
to work as a CSO/CTO or similar. Is this the course for me or should I
stick to courses such as CEH and CISSP? Looking around some of the
jobsites an MSc in infosec is rarely mentioned.

Thanks for reading! (patent no:4982673 "wall'o'text")


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