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ModSecurity reverse proxy or Bluecoat.

On Oct 29, 2008, at 9:15 AM, Tony Raboza wrote:


I'm trying to get my company to buy a firewall with deep-inspection
capabilities or IPS. From my research what is really needed is a deep
inspection firewall/IPS - because a stateful packet inspection will
not do.

For example for a web server - you close off all the ports except port
80 /443 (http/https). But threats/malware can come in through port 80
disguising itself as normal http traffic, so we need a firewall which
would inspect this - hence the need for deep packet inspection/IPS.

But what if we also do NAT? Can malware still come in through port 80?

I've been reading this - "Red Hat 8 Compromise" - , but my
thought on this one is that if the honeypot RH8 was NATted could the
attacker have opened up a shell which might either be port 22 (ssh) or
23 (telnet)? What if only port 80/443 was port-forwarded? Can the
attacker open up a shell?

1. Am I correct in my statements above?
2. If I am correct - can you give me real-world examples of exploits
that come in through port 80/port 443 which can compromise a
Unix/Linux webserver as well as a Windows web server?



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