Re: Inventory Tools

On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 7:51 AM, Mohit Sharma
<i.m.cupids.arrow@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear List,

I'm looking for some free tools which can be used to collect the basic
asset data (like processor speed, RAM, hard disk space. MS
windows/Office version along with keys if possible). I want to use
these tools over the WAN (connectivity over VSAT to branch locations)
to track the asset configurations and for licensing compliance
management purpose.

I've looked at some options like BMC Discovery and Altris but these
are expensive tools. Any suggestions will be helpful.

Hey! dont waste your money!

Im using OCS Inventory[1] for collect data from the network, and GLPI[2]
for manage it, and as a incident tracking system. Works really well and
the deployment its really easy.

For the MsOffice keys you can collect from the registry directly.

Best Regards.