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Networkview is not free, but is a very reasonably-priced Windows-based
tool. It is very portable and can go on a USB key. It supports SNMP
gets, WMI queries, has a port scanner, and can do a basic network map.
Data can be exported to a text file and then parsed and placed in a

I've used this tool for many years and Networkview works well for Class
C subnets.

It compliments Nessus quite well. Nessus can do WMI queries, SMTP gets,
return MS Office versions and provide information on third party apps.
Nessus is no longer free, but for the price, it's a good value. I've
heard about Nessus open source derivatives, but have not had the time to
look at them.


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Dear List,

I'm looking for some free tools which can be used to collect the basic
asset data (like processor speed, RAM, hard disk space. MS
windows/Office version along with keys if possible). I want to use
these tools over the WAN (connectivity over VSAT to branch locations) to
track the asset configurations and for licensing compliance management

I've looked at some options like BMC Discovery and Altris but these are
expensive tools. Any suggestions will be helpful.


Mohit Sharma
Information Security Manager
Sahara India Financial Corporation Limited

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