Re: Java Enterprise Safe ??

Java has better security when it doesn't contain vulnerabilities. The
code isn't always the problem, sometimes the interpreter is the problem.
In most cases though, it is the developer as suggested before. Java can
be very safe.

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Gleb Paharenko wrote:

IMHO, java projects have better security. Variable binding and no
dynamic sql significantly improves sqli strength.

2008/10/7 Mattias Hemmmingsson <mattias@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
God morning

We are now working with java enterprise at the glassfish server.
And a come of thinking how secure is java really ?

If you look att OWASP home page you can find the ten most common
security risk against java,

So with XSS how mutch damiage can you do to the system ore can you
only change the clients view ?

Sql injection is it poosible to do with java enterprise ?

And the big one JAS ( java auth system or somthing like that) How safe
is it realy ?

// matte

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