Response to Chip Panarchy (hacking advice)

Chip - its good you wanna become a white-hat hacker and get involved,
but there are a couple of things to remember - this goes to the rest
of the wannabe hacking community.

Theres no such thing as taking courses to become a hacker - it takes
years of 9pm to 4am sessions. Nobody is the best, focus on the things
ur good at and go with that. I always see guys trying to take on
everything at once - hack this.. program that.. nope ain't gonna

LEARN C - i don't care what anyone says. Theres no such thing as a
hacker who isn't 5+ years professional with c. if you can't code ur a
skiddie. done.

If you want to do pen testing then thats fine - but ur pen tests are
only as good as the tools. No true hackers release private exploits to
the public until the next one comes or its leaked to the nub who wants
credit. (look at the k-rad and vmsplice which we used for years before
it went pub).

here are some of the places which will get you started (and others going).

packetstorm, r00tsecurity
smashthestack (wargames!!) nice irc as well
- ask for entry to #darkscience and go from there
pulltheplug (try them all)

hope that helps and good luck (to all).

(nb: hacked gmail and wifi - pls dont reply - targeted b/c of the
email name - idiot)