What's a good IRC Channel to go to for hacking advise?


Just wondering if you knew of a good IRC channel (and server) that
you'd recommend I go to for hacking advise.

As I am hoping to one day become a white-hat hacker.

And I want to learn as much about hacking as possible.

Yes, I know this is a very broad subject... but that doesn't change
that I want to learn as much of it as I can!

So far I am 10 months through a 24 month networking course (where at
the end of it I will probably sit for my CCNA and MCSE).

I thought that that would be as good a place as any to start.

And I have been reading programming books (borrowed about 5
programming text-books, around half for Java and the other 'half' for
C++). So hopefully by the end of the next 14 months (hopefully much
sooner) I will be an apt programmer and 'networker'.

I think that that will be the best way to start off as a pen-tester
&/or white-hat hacker.

Though in the meantime, I am interested in finding an IRC channel
where I can 'chat' to white-hat (and black-hat?) hackers, and learn as
much of them as I can!

I will also try and learn as much as I can from this mailing list.

Thanks in advance for any advice/IRC channels given,

Chip Panarchy