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thanks for the technology links, however I was looking for something
software biased. as the hardware you specified is still limited to
technology use cases. I am looking for software only solution for use
in a laptop, pc with sound card as the modulator.

Skype is also proprietary and wont work with a POTS line its also
vendor created and I need not get into using the McPhone with the
McEncryption, so the McFeds can use McPhone-Decrypt-Toolkit.

On Wed, Sep 24, 2008 at 8:29 AM, Landriault, Yan
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Look at those:

You need hardware at both ends to make it work.

Use Skype with encryption. But then, you need software at both ends... ;)

Yan Landriault, CSSA - Ultramar Canada
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well the use case I gave is about as good as I can come up with. Radio
would apply to the same use case, as radio has the same bandwidth and
frequency range as a POTS line.

internet is sort of vague but yes ability to record to a WAV file or
the likes, PGPfone appears to handle that in the use of something like
skype but that might be a little out of scope as I am looking for that
analog conversion which typically wouldn't take place on the internet.

and cisco phone is not really in scope as its proprietary and it has
that functionality with certificate biased encryption already, however
it wont traverse to the POTS phone so it wont fit the use case.

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You talking radio or internet? Cisco phone,

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Is there any software that will encrypt voice on the fly? I know there
is PGPfone but that's for use with a existing VoIP Phone product.

My use case is.. if I want software to encode my voice in software on
a laptop over a POTS or Cellular phone do decrypt via far end software
and phone. I understand the limitations to some of this due to the
audio spectrum available on the equipment but not asking if its
possible more, is there software that (ideally opensource) that will
do this?