Re: how to PHYSICALLY disable computers from any networking


Has you client contacted Local Law Enforcment yet? What are the
stalking laws like in your area?

As mentioned several times before I would suggest using a Live CD.
Ubuntu is a good linux CD Environment. If your client is not a Linux
person use a Windows PE (Bart's PE Disk). Store all data on USB thumb
drive and use open office Portable edition to perform word processing,
and other things. Use a Gmail account but you come up with the
account not name not your client. Also use firefox browser with TOR
installed and activated (here is a link to a preconfiged Firefox/tor

This will help to anonymize your clients browsing habbits.
If you do go the route of a Bart's PE type environment I would
recomend that you use trusted media.

Also you may want to go as far as creating linux based firewall and
apply very strict firewall rules.


On Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 4:04 PM, Cricket's Courage
<cricketscourage@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have been consulting with someone who has been stalked for some
years by someone hacking into her computer. She has been through 4
different computers, multiple ISPs, but he always finds her within a
half hour. She has even registered the computer with a fake name and
location, but somehow he knows her so well, he is able to recognize
something or other and things are shot again.

She has now gotten Vista Home and so it is possible to see deeply into
what is going on, but try as we do, he keeps figuring out ways ahead
and she can now never ever be the administrator (or even "an
administrator") or "Owner" (when she does that, "Trusted Installer"
shows up in user accounts. So multiple services are cut off from her
in increasing numbers as she tries to keep him out).

When she goes into safe mode limited services, he has already added
networking services and if she closes the tools he is using to watch,
and control, he uses Remote Procedure Call to reboot her computer.

This past year, she had fast internet for the first time (always lived
in the sticks before) and in the past 10 months, she has had access
for at least reasonable periods for only a handful of months. She
has now had 2 solid months of zero internet and had to cancel vonage
as she could get no phone calls.

This happens even when the verizon modem is disconnected physically.
It happens even when it is turned off (using neighbor's service), but
she can no longer even SEE his or neighbor's connections. At least
for the past 10 months, she could see that see was on his "network"
with his network showing up as between her and the internet, with a
big X between him and the internet unless he chose to give her access.

Right now she is waiting for her Verizon service service to be
cancelled in early November --- but then she still has the neighbors
and businesses all around her apartment. He has been able to cut her
off from the internet since the very beginning many years ago, so
dial-up won't help either at this point.

HOW can she totally PHYSICALLY disable internet (networking)
capabability from her computer and future computers? Every time she
reinstalls, more and more restrictions are already in place from the
very beginning. She even is totally blocked from looking at or
changing many areas in the registry where she used to try to block
him out.


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