Re: Value of EC-CEH

Which certification to chose is directly proportional to what you want
to see yourself as in coming years ! If you are unable to figure out
a long term plan , at least start with a short term career plan . Once
you know that, you wana achieve 'this' in 'this much' time, work
towards those certifications which will get you that role/job etc.

You would need to do lot of research . Don't just do any
certifications because the industry suggests that there is scope and
$$$. Your career is your own recipe. Different skill set along with
certifications can have different results for individuals. You have
to drive what you wanna achieve !!!

:::::::: Bottom line:::::::: Target few companies you wanna get into
or target a department in your company you wanna move into because of
your firm interest. Figure out the skills needed .Work on those !!!
and yes get the new role/job !!!

Keep it simple get what you need to !!!!!!

Hope this helps !

Aditya Govind Mukadam

On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 12:11 PM, Vin Oxious <vinoxious@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello Everyone,

Greetings !! .. While I have completed EC-CEH
long back in year 2007.. I am finding it difficult to get break in the
market . Current location is India ..

While I know of Programming langs ( C, Assembly , Win32 API Assembly
Language Programming , HTML , Shell Script, SQL, Reverse Engineering
and Perl ... Writing Exploits ( currently working on it ) .. ..

O/S : Windows , Linux, Backtrack , Centos

I am into system administration ( Windows and Linux ) .. and within2
-4 months I will be clearing my CCNA .. I was just wondering .. what
shld I do get break

.. Shld I go for CISA / CISSP / CCSP or GPEN. Cause I am finding no
value for going to CHFI or LPT of EC-CEH..

Please advise..

Thanks ...