Re: jamming or blocking WLAN

Adam Pal wrote:

Do you eventualy know about some options to jam or block certain or unsecured access points?
The point is, no matter what network security measurements are taken, if an access point or a client with an unsecured connections appears, it is an optimal possibility to override each security measurement, opening a backdoor.
Since no one can be forced to secure his/her connection (WLAN can also come from outside where even policies cannot be applied) i look for a possibility to jam the AP for a certain area. Of course, another possibility can be to go to each workstation and disable or secure its wireless NIC, which will most likely be an overhead.
Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Adam Pal

Hi There,

It depends on the hardware you are using, I know that for example cisco have such I option in there tools. There is a white paper on rogue access point mitigation somewhere on the cisco website but I can't remember where exactly.

Maybe worst checking ;)

Hope it helps.