Re: Remote Administration tools


Well acutally I am using all 3 of them. For the internal clients I
prefer redmin because of its ability to collect the computers to
groups. For the other offices out of the center, but that are still
connected by VPN I use VNC.

BTW actually with Ultra VNC you can connect the vnc servers running on
clients to Active directory and use a centralized password for all of

For the clients that are not in the center neither connected to us by
VPN I use team viewer. It is one awesome product making things easier
when the clients are behing a firewall and there is no port
redirection configured.

Ozgur Ozdemircili

On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 3:47 AM, <foragersec@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Plz suggest some good remote administration tools with following criteria :
1] Preferable Free / Opensource
2] Should work on both Windows & Mac, ( if works on linux as well, great! )
3] Should have some auditable password control
4] Hasslefree when connecting to remote offices/workstations
5] Performance - good to have

Tools already being considered :
1] GotoAssist from
2] VNC ( Issues as does not have central password control
3] Radmin3

Thanks and Regards,