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My concern is the wiki/sharepoint site will *Work*, but I want
something functional and something that has MOV, not just another tool
for the sake of having it. The industry at large has seemed to fall
into this rut of implementing the newest tools and products without
ever actually defining actionable responses to the output of those

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This is a great topic / idea. I currently use the built in
case-management feature of Cisco MARS. However, if there is an incident
outside this system, it obviously isn't optimum for handling it. I
could manually enter information and track it there, but it wouldn't
have the ability to upload documents and such. I work with a number of
organizations, and most of they simply keep a paper record, or some type
of unorganized electronic documents (.doc or .pdf). I too am interested
to see what others may have employed for this. I think a sharepoint /
wiki site may be able to work well but I'm curious what other solutions
are in use.


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I'm looking for a way to bring my Incident Response SOP's online to
better document and control our Incidents. Are you guys currently
using any software for this purpose? I've looked at building a custom
Sharepoint site and also evaluated doing a Wiki. I'm really curious to
see what the rest of the industry is doing, so any input?


Brooks Garrett

Robert Bulwer-Lytton