Recommended training course?


I’m looking at expanding my security knowledge and am looking for recommendations on training courses. I’ve had a few years of Windows and Solaris admin experience managing 30 or so 24/7 systems, and minimal web application development. I know the basic concept of SQL injection and CRLF injection, but wouldn’t know how to actually apply it in real life.

I’ve been looking at the Foundstone courses, specifically, the “Ultimate Hacking: Expert” course. This is mainly because the regular “Ultimate Hacking” and “Ultimate Web Hacking” courses are not offered in my area any time soon. I’m a little concerned that the course description says that advanced Unix and Windows knowledge is required… What does advanced mean?

Anyone else have other recommendations on classes? I learn better with hands on labs and live instructors. I'm mainly looking for web application vulnerability but general system/wireless/network security would also be beneficial.

Any recommendations is greatly appreciated.

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