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Philippe, your proposed solution is like demolishing your house and rebuilding because you think you "might" have termites.

I beg to differ than home PC data is less important than corporate data. Home PC data is very important to that home user. If you assume "expertise is lacking", then a format/reinstall could easily result in data loss (family pictures, financial info, etc).

Bottom line is that if expertise is lacking, the user should find someone who knows what they're doing and check out how severe it is.

And what if there is no rootkit? You can at least get an idea of the risk factor by using the various tools of the trade (search and destroy products, netstat for listening ports, software firewall to check for incoming/outgoing connections, task mgr for running processes, etc).

To me, format and reinstall would be a better solution for a corporate PC, as generally data is stored on file servers and not on the local machine, thus there is little risk of a format losing sensitive data (of course this varies from network to network). Home PCs generally have lots of data on them, and are generally not backed up.

Case in point, my father-in-law just called Dell with a problem (he's an older guy), Dell ended up having him format the drive. He had burned his data to a CD a few days before, but guess what, the CD didn't burn correctly (and he's a home user, he didn't test it). DATA LOSS. Sucks for him, all his Quicken data and family pics are gone.

Format should be a last resort. Yes, it works, but there are other things to try first to get an idea of what solution is necessary.


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To add to the previous post.

If you are going to look for rootkits I would suggest formatting and
re-installing. If you suspect you have a root-kit on your PC theres no need
to identify it or KNOW you have one. Just do a full format & reinstall.

If you have a rootkit,theres no complete way to remove it. I mean to know
100% that everything critical is removed. The time you are going to spend
investigating this, cleaning it and worrying about the after effects would be
better spent reinstalling.

For all those who are going to hit me with "you should know if there's a
rootkit", this is a stand alone PC, not corporate and the expertise and time
may be lacking. Also the lvl of sensitivity of the PC is probably very low.

Format and move on

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Virus protection up to date? Any P2P software like lime wire that could bring
in tones of problems? Did you recently add any new software or hardware? Also
go to Microsoft site and download a root kit program and scan your pc.
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Hello list,

my wife using Win 2000 + MS Office to writing her thesis. Of course
there are also such important tools like a Skype, ICQ ...... etc. (you
know ... ) At now it is daily that this PC is crashing. I don't know
why. It is possible to detect the crashing application? Do you know some
tool (something like DrWatson.)? The PC ist patched, Event Viewer show
The most probably case is: ca. 1 hour after login hanging this PC up.
Independently of runnig applications. After restart its work normally.

Thank you in advance


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