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The board members are going to be interested in two things:
1) Protecting themselves (and the company)
2) Money

Part of it depends on the makeup of the board. Are they technical, are they all lawyers, are they sales people etc. Sometimes a good plan is to use the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) model from marketing. You may not want to do it in that order but if you cover those four areas you'll have given them a well rounded viewpoint. You're not just bragging about accomplishments or begging for money and resources but you are showing them that you've done your homework and you have a good grasp of all facets of the security posture of the company. So basically the conclusion ends up being: While we've done a good job here and here, we do have areas of vulnerability here and here based on these threats. Here are the things we can do now in order to reduce the number of items that put the company at greatest risk.


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Hi all,

I am putting together a presentation for the board members of my company
that will give them an overview of the businesses current security.

I have several topics in mind already, but as this is the first time I
have done this I wanted to see what you all recommended as a good format
for the presentation, as well as any topics that you would cover.

Thanks in advance


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