RE: Blacklisting wireless access points...

Can't this be addressed by deploying NAC devices & installing NAC agents in the laptops that you mentioned ? I'm not sure whether NAC systems today support policy enforcement based on wifi enable/disable configuration in hosts.

If you dont get any way to disable wifi-access from such laptops, you may want to atleast make sure that such laptops (which may roam in insecure environments like neighbor's access points) dont infect other machines in your LAN by deploying a layer2/transparent UTM in your switches.

- Babu

At 12:20 AM 5/16/2008, Dan Denton wrote:
My apologies for not being explicit enough. Due to the nature of our
business, we do not allow the use of wireless at all for our users, however
most of our users have laptops with wireless cards.

The users in question have been instructed not to access any access points
(there are a couple around us), protected or otherwise, run by neighboring
businesses, and I do not believe they'd intentionally access them but I'd
like to be sure they cannot.

Thanks for the replies...

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Care to explain a bit more, are the access points controlled by your company
and you don't want your users accessing them, or do you want to block them
for AP's near by?

If its the first why not setup a security protection on the AP to block
users WPA2, radius something to that extend.
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Does the list know of a way/product to prevent users from accessing certain
wireless access points? I figure AD has a group policy that can do this, but
we don't currently use AD. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...

Thanks much,


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