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I suggest OWASP for security information:


2008/5/17 Mark Goodridge <mrgoodridge@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
I am what passes for the computer technology guy at a small elementary
school. I'm trying to improve the security of the information we store on
our computers and I hope this list can give me some advice.

First, I'm looking for an appropriate definition of information security as
it would apply to my situation. "If I don't know what it is, how will I know
when I've found it?"

Second, I need to write a policy or a checklist, or a document of some sort
we can use to evaluate, monitor, and improve our computer/information

We're constrained by time, training, and money. Any policy I devise has to
be capable of being implemented and managed by people with modest computer
skills (the equivalent of the CompTIA A+ or Network+) with limited time
available, and for all practical purposes, no funding.

I realize that under these circumstances an extremely high level of security
is unobtainable and probably unnecessary in any event. What I hope to be
able to do it to make the information on the LAN secure from the casual
hacker and all but the most persistent attacks from those who might
deliberately target our network.

Can you direct me toward any resources; particularly security definitions,
security frameworks, or security policies that you think might assist me? I
have done the usual Google searches and come up with an overwhelming list of
web sites but I was wondering if you knew of anything that specifically
addressed my problem.

Thank you for your assistance,

Mark Goodridge

No pains,no gains.

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