Security Trend Analysis

Hi All,

I am tasked with coming up with a security trend analysis reports. The
objective of the report is to identify threats and have a "situational
awareness". I have access to logs from internet facing devices like
firewalls, web proxy, IDS and email servers. Our network traffic is
very heavy and the logs are simply overwhelming.

It is a very big challenge to correlate all the and come up with some
kind of trends related to security. I am trying to find resources
related to IT security threat analysis (framework, threat analysis
models etc) I have also studied some very good reports like Symantec
biannual ISTR. For starters, a baseline must be established followed
by studying temporal trends and associational trends studies.

From Google, the only relevant material I have found is the document
"Models of information security trend analysis" from Any
inputs, software, references or maybe just advices on how to start
this challenging task?

Thanks all in advance,