RE: Protection against fake mails

You can also look at such technologies as SenderID which is supposed to help
guard against spoofing trusted domain names

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How do I guard against such emails originating from fake email
impersonations. Is there something I can do at our email gateway,
proxy or exchange sever (2003) levels?

Basic protection is to only allow e-mail originating from your domain name
to be allowed from a specific set of trusted mail servers. This will
protect you internally from fake e-mails spoofing your domain but will not
block other spoofed domains. Spoofed e-mails from other domains may be
blocked by relying on reverse DNS lookup and comparing the resultant domain
with that of the one specified in the e-mail, but this will also block
misconfigured servers and some sites on shared hosting. Long answer short,
if you don't want to miss any e-mails then theres really not much you can

What you can do to prove that your domain is not spoofed is to enable
DomainKeys[1] on your server. If everyone did this then blocking fake
e-mails would be possible.

Hope this helps.


Mark Owen