Re: FW/IPS log correlation software

Just a clarification for this (Arcsight does a correlation before logs are send form agents or stored in database).

ArcSight does not do a correlation before hitting the manager/db it. ArcSight connectors can do filtering and aggregation prior to forwarding to the manager if that is desired.

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Hello Raimar,

Maybe you can take a look at RSA envision? This is at the moment
number one for Gartner. From technical point of view is this produkt
much better as Cisco Mars or Arcsight. Envision can correlate a hugh
amount of logs, has collectors for a lot of produkts, has a decent
Gui. Logs are not prefiltered when they are stored. (Arcsight does a
correlation before logs are send form agents or stored in database).

Best regards

Bart Knippenberg

2008/4/3 Raimar Melchior <raimar.melchior@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hello list,

we want a central log station where logs from firewalls, ips and other
security devices are sent to. All of our components support the syslog
The challange is to filter and correlate this huge amount of logs. We also
want to create filtering and reports (graphical). The server should have a
graphical frontend (gui).
We tried the kiwi syslog server but it doesn't meet our requirements. Any
good enterprise software out there ?
Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

Many Thanks,

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