Re: File sharing with Bittorrent: what possible security threads?

KDE(kdm to be more exact) disables per default the ability to login as root,
thus the session is in 99,99% an user and not admin/root. So the only thing
that might have happend is a user starting a console session with root
rights. An thus your virus need to hack the console session or rootkit. I
prefer playing with aliases more, for example putting in .bashrc 'sudo
apt-get update'='sudo <run malicios program> && apt-get update'.
I think everybody likes old school tricks.


На Thursday 27 March 2008 15:31:11 Adam Pal написа:

send it to me -- I want to see this rarity!" :-)


Hi Alex, i would like to add that i see no difference between the usual
Windows-user and the linux-user who stays logged in as root on his KDE and
surfs on the web (yes, such behavioral patterns exists *G* ), so from this
point of view, in certain circumstances linux viruses propagate similar to



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