Re: DoD aproved disk wiping tool

It's a wonderful way to say "good luck in your new job"?

The CCEVS approved UniShred Pro at EAL 1.
I think the only "approved" process for hard drive wiping by the "NSA" is catastrophic EMP magnetization of the drive. Yes I read that the NSA approved bcwipe, but that's dod standards, internally I don't think they allow anything but complete destruction before letting a hard drive leave the building.

Your site, if dealing with NSA information will have a policy in place for file and hard drive deletion. Rather than going out on your own, you should probably talk to your point of contact.

Personally I use eraser with Guttman settings and disk nuke on random infinite wipe and let it run for the week. I seriously doubt that won't stop anyone without a multi million dollar budget and a serious interest in my data.


John Syers wrote:
Okay, I gotta ask: why would you want to remotely wipe a hard drive?


JP Vicente wrote:

Is there a way of wiping a hard drive remotely over a network using an
approved DoD 5200.28 standard hard drive wiping tool. Additionally, is
there a wiping utility besides bcwipe that is NSA approved?