Re: DoD aproved disk wiping tool

These support DOD 5220.22-M guidelines and are free. They may support 5200.28, not 100%. The non software based method is degaussing.


Secure Erase. This is the purge approved method that seems to be the most efficient method. It works on SATA/ATA drives for the most part, no SCSI. Very fast. Free too.

I dont know of any network based tools that can wipe a drive. You might be able to mount the remote drive with linux and the dd it, but that would not be approved. I think dd local would meet requirements, but not network based.

The hard part is that you have to deploy something to the remote target to keep the deletion going after the deletion has removed the functional parts of the drive and dropped it from the network. In order to verify this, I dont know if anyone would approve of a network based solution.

Its best to pull it and wipe it locally.