Re: File sharing with Bittorrent: what possible security threads?

I'm not saying that legal torrent sites are the only way to go, as
chances are the only reason he uses torrents are to download expensive
programs for free :-p.

But there are some more legit illegal sites, such as demonoid. Oink
was great, but until its back up if you want good content with good
rates and less malware, you'll want to find another private tracker.


On 3/27/08, Thomas Jespersen <front243@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Razi Shaban wrote:
> If he's truly devoted to his filesharing he could join a private
> tracker, which would be more moderated and have less malicious
> content.

Indeed there are legal torrent sites as well, some of them pretty good.


Linux Tracker:

Dime A Dozen:

But it might not be as "sexy" for your friend as it is downloading $1000
applications for free :/

Thomas, avid user of Linux Tracker :)