Re: ISSMP Certificate

Hi Everyone,

Can you guys please suggest a resource where study materials for the
ISSAP can be found?


On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 10:14 PM, Ali, Saqib <docbook.xml@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I took the ISSAP test, and the material covered by the that exam is
excellent. I would say that ISSAP is really good certification if you
are in the Security Architecture group. Even if you don't want to take
the test, just reviewing the CBK is very very useful.

I started to study for ISSEP, but due lack of the any decent study
material for the exam I put that on hold.

I will be taking the ISSMP test in the next few months (Dio Volente
:-) . Unfortunately I didn't find much study material for this either,
but I think I have the background and have deep understanding of all
the material in the CBK for ISSMP.

Overall I have found ISSAP to be very useful.