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Sapran -

I dropped SecureDoc after a year and a half due to ongoing problems with Dell Latitude D4xx series laptop. Admittedly we did not get off on the right foot when they first installation killed sound in Windows. After contacting support, I had to configure a special bios mode on every laptop to enable sound going forward. Then, I had a user whose machine would regularly get to the bootloader screen and lock with a 0x07 stop error. This also happened intermittently when the laptops were removed from the docking stations. Two other users had SDPIN.exe crashes (the SecureDoc startup app). Too much trouble for a product that should be invisible. I've now moved to PGP WDE (Whole Disk Encryption) and have seen all of these issues go away. The boot loader is nicer, the product GUI more polished (not that this is much of a point), and like SecureDoc, you can offload the keys to a separate location. Both products can be centrally managed, but my clients don't have the funds for that addition.


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My organization has been using WinMagic's SecureDoc for almost 5 years
now and it is a very good product. Highly recommended.



ыфзкфт wrote:
Hi list!

I am in search of a solution for full disk encryption. The main goal
is to protect data stored at travelling managers' laptops from loss
and/or theft of device.

I had tried the shiny new TrueCrypt 5 with system drive/partition
encryption, but it made an OEM XP boot into safe mode only, so I guess
that's not a right choice.

I will appreciate any help on topic.

Here come some details:
1) We use mostly Dells: Inprisons, Inspirons and Vostros.
2) The encryption must be easily recoverable using rescue CD/DVD or smth.