Re : Re : VPN over VSAT Link

Thank you ALL for your contributions.

I will appreciate if you can give some references of company doing VPN (IPSec or others) over VSAT. I need this for my report.

thank you

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ROI on securing VSAT communications. How do you do ROI on securing any of your other traffic? Figure it the same way. I.E. What would it cost the business if any of this data were lost/destroyed, stolen, found it's way into a competitors hands, altered, etc. versus the cost of securing it.

As far as the need for encrytping VSAT. DEFINITELY! While it's not quite as easy to intercept as WLAN it's still possible and easy enough for someone interested in getting your companies data. Also, you said you have a proof of concept with one site so use metrics on that site to determine any performance issues.

Good luck

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I have the same opinion but some people in my organization think that VSAT or satellite link is secure so there is no need to encrypt.
So i am trying to convince them that our security should not be handled by VSAT or satellite provider. So we need to secure our VSAT network in order to secure the communication end to end with our field offices.

We have implement a proof of concept LAN-to-LAN IPSec VPN solution with cisco PIX router between one field office and the Headquater. It is working fine but the question is now about return on investment and performance issue. They want us to justify the investment and if there will be performance issue.

any advice?

thank you

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in my opinion, even though the traffic originates in a non-traditional way
(I.E. not "on the wire") it eventually gets there. LOGICALLY all traffic is
"On the wire" so despite the originization, the traffic is subject to
sniffing... so I would say if you have any sensitive assets, some sort of
traffic encryption would be needed

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Dear ALL

My company have 15 field offices connected by a VSAT Network and all the
applications are centralised in the Headquater. We are discussing about the
need to have IPSec VPN LAN-2-LAN over VSAT transactions and access to
applications between field offices and Headquater.

Is it necessary to have encryption over satellite link?

thank you.

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