RE: PCI question - anonymous users from uploading files

I would agree with Jason, as long a compromise of the FTP server could
not lead to a credit card exposure (via network segmentation through
VLANs and/or firewalling) you should be able to take the FTP server out
of scope for PCI.


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I don't have a 100% yes or no, but does the ftp server have any PAN
data on it or within the same network or is the ftp server completely
separate from all PAN processing, transactions and storage?

As per the PCI DSS: 8.5.8 Do not use group, shared, or generic
accounts and passwords

However if the system has no interaction at all with PAN data and if
the ftp server becomes compromised it will not impact the PAN
environment, you might be ok...

I'd defer to others who may have been through this. My only experience
with anonymous FTP & PCI was with a company that had anonymous FTP
enabled on their database server that housed PAN data, so I helped
them fix that :). Pretty clear cut in that case. :)


On Jan 15, 2008 9:58 AM, J. Lion <jv4l1n4@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Is there a PCI requirement for preventing anonymous users from
uploading files (non PAN related files, like images or catalog data)?

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