Our customers are using F5 Networks's SSLVPN Firepass and pretty happy with its result too.


mgk.mailing writes:

Id like to add my support to the juniper neoteris/SA line of products. Our customers use them quiet alot and are happy with them. They are modular in software so you can add features and licences until the device is what you want. Of particular use is the back ending of the authentication onto an LDAP/Active directory.


Ivan . wrote:
Also the Juniper solution is clientless and can mimic an IPSec tunnel
to allow for client-server apps


On Jan 16, 2008 4:59 AM, Tremaine Lea <tremaine@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

You may want to look at the Juniper SSL VPN solution, it's robust and
allows for granular control of vpn users and creating groups of vpn
users to better tailor access and restrictions.

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On 15-Jan-08, at 8:16 AM, Kartik wrote:

Hi List,

Currently we have 100+ home users who connect to our VPN gateway
(IPSEC) and access the resources. As the business is growing, within a
couple of months we'll be having more than 300 users operating from

Management asked us to give them a "cost effective" solution to
migrate the existing home users to "SSL VPN" so that there won't be
any requirement of installing the software client etc (keeping in mind
that the associates working from home will be growing) and it will be
more secure.

We also have a Cisco ASA as a perimeter firewall on our network on
which we can configure the SSL VPN but cpu utilization on the ASA is
somewhere near 40%.

I would like to know the cost effective way to implement the same. I
would also like to know the products in the market which supports SSL
VPN or shall we go ahead and implement SSL VPN on our existing ASA
firewall? Will it consume a lot of cpu utilization on it?

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