Re: ISO IEC 27002 (ISO-17799) assistance please.


I believe it's under A.11.3.2. A time period isn't specified but it is best practice.


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Subject: ISO IEC 27002 (ISO-17799) assistance please.

I am hoping that the experts on this list might be able to assist me
with problem. I have a consultant who is doing some audit work for
the company I work for. This consultant has been quoting information
about best business practice and standards and has my managment in a
bit of a tizzy. So far I have been able to prove or disprove most
things that he has been telling my managment, but I am stuck one and
it seems that this item has struck a nerve.

The consultant has claimed that both NIST and ISO-17799 recomend the
use of automated workstation locking after X minutes. I have found
information on the NIST Standard but have not been able to find
anything on the ISO-17799 standard (or atleast not without buying it).
Does anyone on the list happen to have a copy of ISO-17799, if so
could you help me prove or disprove this comment?

I have done several google searches and all of the links I get end up
asking me to purchase the Standard. I think having it would be a good
thing, just that I do not have money in my budget to purchase it.

Many thanks in advance,


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