Re: Securing Email

Tumbleweed offers a mail gateway that encrypts all email in transit
between trusted partners and send the recipient a link for untrusted
domains. Link addresses the Tumbleweed HTTPS server, where the user
presents some authentication from the message to receive the content of
the email over HTTPS webmail-like interface. The idea is that no data
leaves the trusted enclaves unencrypted.

Deanosaur wrote:
If you are using Exchange, native Outlook can perform secure email sign
and encrypt easily. Why not use that instead of a 3rd party product.

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On Friday 21 December 2007 14:52, JD Brown wrote:
Hi list, I would like to get some suggestions regarding products out
there to secure email. Preferably, I'd like to see an appliance that
could make the process as transparent as possible to the user. Any
input would be greatly appreciated.

Secure against... what? There's only so much you can do to secure email
without greatly affecting your users, but I'll list a few suggestions.

* Configure SMTP mail servers to use TLS. for clients which use tls
(most do
these days) this makes MITM impossible for mail in-transit
* configure pop/imap to use SSL/TLS. this prevents MITMs for mail being
downloaded by end-users
* use SpamAssassin for spam filtering. you can pretty easily set up a
to run over a folder called "Junk" to learn junk mail and tell users
to just
put junk in that folder instead of deleting it
* ClamAV for anti-virus. its free, high quality, and did I mention free?