Re: Getting security back from the sys admin


Does security team have operational responsability or only
control/audit responsability ?
I have known the same situation and I think every body is winner if
the two teams work
You will always need expertise of system guy in system and security application.
And they need help of security team for the things for which they
don't have the time for :
security survey, audit and risk analysis methods, etc.
A good thing to know in order to keep good relations is to not
under-estimate their skills
and understand the production contraints.

An example :
you have to install a security audit tool to product reports about
security level of systems
they manage. Instead of just install it and make a report that is very
red because of a lot of
security weaknesses. Give them the referential with which this tool
works (like CIS security), so they can make a effort to increase the
systems security level before reports.
That is good because two teams have the same aim : increase security.
Anyway the reports will produce some weaknesses because lack of time or other.

another argument is to justify budgets against direction (it is easier
when two differents
teams are agree that an IDS is necessary).

In clear : be dip)lomatic and works together, the kwowledge and
productivity of everybody will be better.

Hope this helps,


PS : sorry for bad english language ;-)