Re: Good design for a Algorithmically Derived Passphrase for FDE (?!)

On 2007-11-20 ManInWhite wrote:
Secondly: The algorithm used to derive the passphrase not stored with
the laptop at all. The CODEwords which are used to derive the
passphrase are not stored with the laptop. They both never leave the
key generation PC.

So? The dictionary (or codebook as you call it) is part of your
passphrase generation algorithm. If an attacker learns the algorithm he
can reconstruct the passwords, because he knows the serial numbers from
which the passwords are derived. To repeat myself: don't do that.

Your security should *never* be based on the secrecy of your password
generation algorithm, but only on the strength of the passwords.

Thirdly: The security of the system is not in keeping the algorithm

Of course it is.

Ultimately all it is doing is generating offsets for lookup in a
secret codebook. The Codebook is not stored with the laptop, and
protected. The security is keeping this codebook secure.

See above. The codebook is part of your algorithm.

Ansgar Wiechers
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becoming available."
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