Re: LAN issue

1) To enumerate shares on student machines, one tool that I've found
useful is Angry IP Scanner, found at You'll want to grab the shares.dll
plugin for it, if you're scanning from a Windows box.

2) To stop it from happening, you'll need to either:

a) Stop them from being administrators on their machines
(*That's* not going to happen - just google 'nordahl
password' to see why)

b) Engineer your network so that SMB/CIFS doesn't work between
the workstations on your LAN.
(I find that highly unlikely also)


On 25 Oct 2007 14:54:51 -0000,
<> wrote:

Please help me. I am in a college and I am been given a task by my lead.

He has asked me scan the data student copy and past opening each other's computers




I want to know how to know about the number of drives student create logicaly.

And can we stop it from happening..

And just a few minutes ago I was surfing over LAN. I faced a strange senario..

I was able to ping their workstation, was able to open their ip through cmd prompt but was not able to access the drives...

help me out. m completely lost..

Thanks and Regard